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June 16, 2021  

In today's world, it can be difficult to have faith in the power of God. We know of the miracles recounted in Scripture, but today miraculous events seem rare, and perhaps God worked differently in the Old and New Testament periods than the way He works today. In this episode I answer the question if miracles still happen today and why we don't experience more of them in our lives?

June 9, 2021  

Today’s question is a tough one. The topic of suicide fills one with sadness and heartache and suicidal thoughts trouble both Christians and non-Christians alike. The question most believers wrestle with is whether or not suicide is the unpardonable sin. While the subject of suicide and salvation is no simple matter, in today’s podcast I’ll present three brief ideas that I hope will help us think scripturally and compassionately about this question.

June 2, 2021  

The trend of deconstruction extends far beyond the publicity of well-known Christians to ordinary folks who wrestle with and abandon the beliefs they once held dear. How should we respond when someone we love’s faith deconstructs? What are you supposed to do when your spouse no longer believes in God?

May 26, 2021  

It has become more and more frequent to hear from Christians that they haven’t committed to a local church because they haven’t found the right fit. On today’s podcast I’m giving three reasons why I believe we’re having a hard time to feel like we belong to a body of believers, and how to fight for living out our faith in the community of other Christians. 

May 19, 2021  

We live now in a highly polarized and divided society when it comes to politics, but we as Christians are not left without a roadmap to navigate this argumentative and conflicting society. How are we to show respect to a government that holds views that do not align with our biblical worldview? In today’s podcast I’ll point out to you one truth to RECOGNIZE, one notion to REMEMBER, and one RESOLUTION you must make.

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