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June 29, 2022  

What are you most afraid of in your life?

In Genesis 32 we encounter Jacob facing his greatest fear ­– the fear of meeting his estranged brother Esau and suffer his wrath for having exploited him on two occasions. In the middle of this darkest of nights, Jacob comes to the realization that the only place to wrestle with his fears and find breakthrough is in prayer. And as he wrestles, he learns that his fear is overcome when he allows God to bring him to a place of brokenness and surrender.

If you feel paralyzed by fear, you too are called to draw closer to God and trust that even when you feel like you can’t hang on to God anymore, He’s got his hold on you.

June 22, 2022  
  • Do you have promises in your life that you now no longer believe?
  • When God delays, do you come up with a plan to help Him accomplish His goals for your life?
  • Have you stopped believing God will come through for you because you failed Him?
  • Have you quit dreaming because you started listening to man instead of God?

In today’s podcast in our Unshaken series, you will be reminded that we serve a God of miracles, of the impossible, a God who keeps His promises, and who sometimes delays not in order to frustrate us but to help us grow our faith in Him and then pass on that faith to future generations. Don’t miss this teaching from Genesis 16 and 18 on the life of Sarah!

June 15, 2022  

In Genesis 12 we find God calling a man, Abram, to leave his country and family and follow Him instead to “the land that I will show you.” Without the complete roadmap for his future, Abram responds in faith and becomes an example of what it means to trust God with our lives, even when we can’t see the way.

Please take a listen to this podcast episode in our Unshaken series. You will find the fuel to go on in your faith journey.

(The Unshaken podcast series is about standing strong in faith no matter what. We are looking at how men and women in the Bible learned to grow stronger in their faith through the insurmountable trials they were facing.)

June 8, 2022  

When looking at the stories of men and women in the Bible I noticed that every one of them faced insurmountable trials and were prone to fear and discouragement. Yet somehow in the midst of their trials their faith rose. They grew strong no matter the circumstances. They learned to stand unshaken no matter what.

That’s the kind of life I want, and I suspect it’s what you want too.

In this podcast summer series, I invite you to listen to teachings on unshaken faith. I believe you’re going to find strength – God’s strength which is made perfect in our weaknesses.

Today we’re going to look at the story found in Genesis 3 and learn how to stand unshaken when we lose sight of all we have.

May 25, 2022  

Have you ever wondered why Jesus spoke more about money than about any other subject? I believe it was because he knew how dangerous and enslaving money can be and that ultimately, He cannot have our hearts if money is governing us. Thus, he gave clear warnings and practical instructions about how to steward our finances.

This is what we intend to do in this episode ­– give practical and biblical advice about how to deal with money in a way that helps us to experience the freedom to serve God whole-heartedly.

Lina Abujamra is a Pediatric Emergency Room doctor now practicing telemedicine full time as well as leading the ministry of Living With Power that exists to bring hope to the world. A popular Bible teacher, podcaster, and conference speaker, she is the author of several books including her most recent one, Fractured Faith: Finding Your Way Back to God in an Age of Deconstruction. Learn all about her at


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