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August 11, 2022  

Do you struggle with disbelief? Do you feel confused by the hardships in your life? Do your past experiences or failures paralyze you into inaction? The story of Gideon and how God used him mightily despite his lack of confidence will surely encourage you today! 
Please listen to this podcast! 

August 3, 2022  

If you’ve been a believer for some time, you are probably well accustomed with the story of the fall of Jericho in Joshua 6. God brought an incredible and miraculous victory for his people, and the long-awaited promise to enter a land flowing with milk and honey finally starts to be materialized.

But before this victory takes place there is a pause in chapter 5 that can be easily missed. God is stopping his people and requires them to prepare spiritually for what’s about to happen.

From this passage we can grasp that before experiencing fresh victories in our lives, there are three things that need to happen first. Take a listen!

July 27, 2022  

Every now and then we find ourselves at a crossroad. A crossroad is a diverging road, giving you the option to go one way or another. You may find yourself at a relationship crossroad, a professional crossroad, a health-related crossroad, and you’re not sure which way to go.

What do we do when we face the unknown, a new beginning, or a scary change?

Listen to this Podcast episode in our #Unshaken series and learn some principles for when you’re at a crossroad.

July 20, 2022  

In Numbers 13 we find that twelve men were sent out to spy the Promised Land and come back with two perspectives of the situation. The majority acknowledge that the land is fruitful but it’s impossible to take because it’s occupied by powerful people, while they seem like grasshoppers in comparison (Num. 13:33). Two men however, Caleb and Joshua, believe the promise and power of God to bring them into the Promise Land, in spite of any difficulty. It turns out, all of them experienced exactly what they confessed.

Have you ever faced a situation where what God had promised looked ridiculous at best? In today’s podcast you will learn about the power of perspective, the importance of what you are focusing on, and what makes the difference between trusting God and complaining against Him.

July 13, 2022  

Have you ever felt unsure about God’s plans in your life? Have you sensed a calling but don’t quite see how it’s going to happen? Or do you simply feel insecure because of past failures and stopped dreaming for God?

Moses’ story will encourage you to overcome your painful places, believe in God’s ability to fulfill His purposes with you no matter your past, and trust God’s leading as you learn to know His presence. Don’t miss this podcast!

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