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September 28, 2022  

In today’s podcast I will address a question that has great implications for how to increasingly live in the character and power of Christ. 

Dear Lina, what are the spiritual disciplines and why do I need them? Also, how do I do them?

If you’re wondering how to victoriously fight sin in your life, if you feel like your appetite for God needs to be re-awakened, if you’re looking for that freedom and joy that come from finding your pleasure in God, or if you’re longing to really become more Christ-like, then you need to learn and grow in practicing the spiritual disciplines.

September 21, 2022  

Have you ever wondered what’s behind our sinful patterns? Why does sin have such a hold on us? Why does an all-powerful God seem powerless to change us?

In today’s podcast I will address a significant question believers wrestle with: Dear Lina, why can’t I overcome sin in my life?

If you’re stuck in a cycle of sin that has caused you to doubt whether you even know God, you’re not alone. But the good news is that as Christians we can break free from the entrapment of habitual sin and live in the reality of God’s grace and the enabling power of God’s Spirit.

September 14, 2022  

I’m so excited to launch today a new podcast series called Bread and Butter Christianity! In this series I’m going to address topics that are the bread and butter of Christianity with the aim to equip us to navigate life and culture from a Christian perspective in this post-Christian world.

In today’s episode I’m going to answer a critically important question about our salvation:

Dear Lina: How can I tell if I’m really saved?

September 7, 2022  

This week we are celebrating the one-year anniversary of my book Fractured Faith and I’m incredibly grateful and moved by how God has used my experience with church hurt and the near deconstruction of my faith to breathe hope into hurt and revive souls.

In today’s podcast I’m sharing an interview I recently recorded with Pat Williams on his radio show The Power Hour, where we briefly discuss each chapter of Fractured Faith and the intent behind the book.

Whether you read the book already or not, this episode will inspire you to trust God in the middle of your story and challenge you to see more clearly the spiritual realities that are worth fighting for.

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August 31, 2022  

We all face giants in our life. Your giant might be a challenging marriage, an addiction, difficult kids, singleness, loneliness, financial problems, or a health crisis. [Stop to consider and name your giant]

Today’s podcast about how David won the victory over Goliath (1 Samuel 17) will reveal some powerful truths that we can apply to our lives and that will equip us to fight our battles unshaken in our faith and unintimidated by the enemy.

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