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March 3, 2021  

I’m sure you’re familiar with Janet Parshall hosting her show In the Market with Janet Parshall on Moody Radio, but today she’s in the guest’s seat. 
I literally can’t wait for you to listen to Janet’s fascinating story, and I believe you’ll appreciate our conversation on a plethora of topics covering faith, life, and culture.

February 24, 2021  

You can hardly open your social media these days without seeing a Christian has posted claims they cannot possibly know to be true. Conspiracy theories are not something new, but our technological age has allowed misinformation to grow and spread faster, and create much confusion, suspicion and tension. So, how are we to think about all the conspiracy theories that are being circulated, and how are we to have healthy conversations with people who believe in them?

February 17, 2021  

That a prominent Christian leader has been exposed for scandalous sin has unfortunately become a far-too-common story in recent years. To read about the addictions, the affairs, the misuse of money, and the abuse of power feels like a gut punch to our faith. No wonder we are shaken, hurt, and asking ourselves how this could have happened.

In today’s podcast I’ll answer the question I've received from some listeners, and quite frankly, I've been asking myself as well:  Dear Lina: Why are so many Christian leaders embroiled in scandal these days?

February 10, 2021  

There are a few passages in the Bible that are just difficult to interpret and know how to apply rightly. 1 Corinthians 11 is such a chapter. Over the years it has raised lots of questions and controversies about the role of men and women, their conduct, and order in the church. In light of some verses that are hard to understand, someone has asked me:

Dear Lina, if the Bible teaches that the man is the head of the woman and that woman was created for man, what purpose does my life as a single woman have?

February 3, 2021  

The topic of hell is uncomfortable to most of us because it’s a difficult one. Certainly, to think that someone would end up in a place of eternal, unending judgement, is not something to be taken lightly. But it’s a subject we must grapple with because it is something that the Bible teaches. Take a listen as answer today’s question by looking at what Scripture says and resist the urge to deny or soften things that the Bible affirms.

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