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October 19, 2022  

It can be difficult to “evangelize” those who are closest to us, especially when we’ve repeatedly shared the gospel with them, and it can be too easy to believe that our loved ones will never change. 
But today I’m here to remind you to not lose heart, and to not give in to the lie that your spouse, child, neighbor, or friend will never come to know Jesus. Keep walking a walk that reflects your Savior, keep patiently speaking as you have opportunity, keep praying for God to move on their hearts, and keep loving them with the love of Jesus. 
In his podcast, listen to three practical ways you can influence your unsaved loved ones to Jesus!

October 12, 2022  

Friend, we’re living in an age plagued by business and digital distractions, and it is easy to drift away from the godliness that God insists should characterize His people. Any Christian genuinely seeking to please God will struggle with being consistent in their walk with God.

It is true that we can’t accomplish the Christian life on our own, and we need God’s work in us to capture our hearts and enable us to live the extraordinary life Jesus promised, but I also believe that we are called to make a conscious and continuous effort to stand steadfast in faith.

Listen in to today’s podcast and hear about three postures that will help you become more consistent in your Christian life!

October 5, 2022  

Someone recently asked me:

Dear Lina, can the bond of Christ ever be broken? In other words, is it possible to lose my salvation?

I understand the wrestling with this question. We read of people in the Bible like Demas, Hymenaeus, or Alexander, who started out well but ended up making a shipwreck of their faith (1 Tim 1:19-20). Does this mean they lost their salvation? Can we ever have an assurance of our salvation?

Join me in today’s podcast as we turn again to the Scripture for insight and guidance. I believe we’ll find comfort and encouragement in it pages but also a call to persevere in the faith. 

September 28, 2022  

In today’s podcast I will address a question that has great implications for how to increasingly live in the character and power of Christ. 

Dear Lina, what are the spiritual disciplines and why do I need them? Also, how do I do them?

If you’re wondering how to victoriously fight sin in your life, if you feel like your appetite for God needs to be re-awakened, if you’re looking for that freedom and joy that come from finding your pleasure in God, or if you’re longing to really become more Christ-like, then you need to learn and grow in practicing the spiritual disciplines.

September 21, 2022  

Have you ever wondered what’s behind our sinful patterns? Why does sin have such a hold on us? Why does an all-powerful God seem powerless to change us?

In today’s podcast I will address a significant question believers wrestle with: Dear Lina, why can’t I overcome sin in my life?

If you’re stuck in a cycle of sin that has caused you to doubt whether you even know God, you’re not alone. But the good news is that as Christians we can break free from the entrapment of habitual sin and live in the reality of God’s grace and the enabling power of God’s Spirit.

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