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October 13, 2021  

In today’s Fractured Faith Book Launch series, we’re going to look at deconstruction from a different perspective. Questioning beliefs or practices that are popular but not necessarily biblical can lead to a deconstruction that, although painful, can bring about a faith that is grounded in what Jesus taught rather than Western Christianity and a faith that reflects His character more.

Don't miss today's podcast with my friend Carlos Rodríguez, founder of The Happy NPO.

October 6, 2021  

Today’s conversation in our Fractured Faith Book Launch series is with my friend Wendy Alsup, author of Companions in Suffering and Practical Theology for Women.

As the former Women’s Ministry Director at Mars Hill, Wendy has lived through church hurt and disillusionment with church leadership but has also come to the confidence that Scripture can be trusted, that God is a God of justice, and that we can reengage with a healthy community of believers.

September 29, 2021  

In this podcast conversation with Dr. Wade Mullen we’ll address some questions many of us have been asking lately about church and corrupt leadership:

  • What are the signs of oppressive individuals and organizations?
  • How do these systems end up enabling perpetrators while silencing victims?
  • How do so many of us let it happen?
  • How do we trust leadership again?
  • What is the hope for becoming an increasingly safer and holier church?
September 22, 2021  

In this conversation with professor, author, and speaker Karen Swallow Prior, you will hear us talk about:

  • The top issues that lead to deconstruction and abandoning of faith
  • Why Christians get carried away by personalities and don’t discern wrong behaviors or false teachings
  • How to equip ourselves with objective biblical truth so that we differentiate between right and wrong when we see it
  • Why and how we should confront wrong when it happens in a truthful way
  • How to counterbalance the virtues of trusting, loving, and forgiving with wisdom, discernment, accountability, and a proper understanding of what love really is
  • What does hope look like for the church in this era
September 15, 2021  

Today I’m continuing our podcast series focused on Fractured Faith with a conversation with Julie Roys, a veteran investigative reporter and founder of The Roys Report.

Toxic church leadership and unhealthy church systems often lead to hurt, disillusionment with the Christian life, deconstruction, and even a total abandonment of the Christian faith. What hope is there for the church in this era? What would it look like for us to confront sin and yet weep over it and reflect the graceful heart of Jesus? How can we find and become communities of believers that are kingdom oriented, striving to pass on the faith to the next generations?

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