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August 31, 2022  

We all face giants in our life. Your giant might be a challenging marriage, an addiction, difficult kids, singleness, loneliness, financial problems, or a health crisis. [Stop to consider and name your giant]

Today’s podcast about how David won the victory over Goliath (1 Samuel 17) will reveal some powerful truths that we can apply to our lives and that will equip us to fight our battles unshaken in our faith and unintimidated by the enemy.

August 24, 2022  

In this podcast episode in our Unshaken series, we’ll be looking at the calling of David out of obscurity and anonymity to be anointed as the next king of Israel.

You might feel hidden, insignificant, and even forgotten, but it is the waiting time that God uses as the training ground for your future. Will you worship, believe God, and submit to His ways in your years of obscurity like David did?

August 17, 2022  

Have you ever felt caught in a cycle of besetting sin and felt unable to change? Have you ever wondered why we tend to go back to habits that we know will destroy us? What do you think will motivate us to give up our sinful ways for God’s ways?

In today’s podcast we’ll look at the story of Samson and learn how devastating it can be to deal lightly with sin. Yet, God’s love and grace are available to us the moment we call on Him, and His invitation is to trust that living in obedience to His ways is the abundant, good life we are looking for.

There is always hope in Christ! Take a listen to this message and share it with someone who might need encouragement.

August 11, 2022  

Do you struggle with disbelief? Do you feel confused by the hardships in your life? Do your past experiences or failures paralyze you into inaction? The story of Gideon and how God used him mightily despite his lack of confidence will surely encourage you today! 
Please listen to this podcast! 

August 3, 2022  

If you’ve been a believer for some time, you are probably well accustomed with the story of the fall of Jericho in Joshua 6. God brought an incredible and miraculous victory for his people, and the long-awaited promise to enter a land flowing with milk and honey finally starts to be materialized.

But before this victory takes place there is a pause in chapter 5 that can be easily missed. God is stopping his people and requires them to prepare spiritually for what’s about to happen.

From this passage we can grasp that before experiencing fresh victories in our lives, there are three things that need to happen first. Take a listen!

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