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September 7, 2022  

This week we are celebrating the one-year anniversary of my book Fractured Faith and I’m incredibly grateful and moved by how God has used my experience with church hurt and the near deconstruction of my faith to breathe hope into hurt and revive souls.

In today’s podcast I’m sharing an interview I recently recorded with Pat Williams on his radio show The Power Hour, where we briefly discuss each chapter of Fractured Faith and the intent behind the book.

Whether you read the book already or not, this episode will inspire you to trust God in the middle of your story and challenge you to see more clearly the spiritual realities that are worth fighting for.

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November 10, 2021  

One of the factors that lead to deconstruction is the discrepancy we often see between what people profess to believe and what they actually practice. In today’s podcast I invite you to listen to a conversation with Jeff Lockyer, Lead Pastor of Southridge Community Church, about how to reclaim the way of Jesus in our personal lives and in the life of our local churches, so that people would run to Him instead of from Him. DON’T MISS this one!

November 3, 2021  

As we’ve been having conversations around deconstruction, church hurt, and disillusionment in the Christian walk, it became evident that deconstruction does not have to lead to a turning away from God, faith, or the church. God is still at work in all our stories, healing the wounded, restoring the broken, and rebuilding community.

Today, tune in to hear some hopeful words from Ron Zappia, pastor of Highpoint Church, for the believer, the church, and for you who might have left or are considering leaving the Christian faith.

October 27, 2021  

Today is a real treat for anyone who needs some hope in their journey of finding healing from woundedness by the hands of other Christians. Karl Clauson, pastor at 180 Chicago Church and Host at Karl & Crew Mornings, understands all about church pain as he himself went through a devastating experience with a church he was pastoring. The story of God's faithfulness, restoration, and continued provision will encourage you to lean on the Lord and believe Him to lead you into all His purposes for your life, including a supporting and genuine community of believers. 

October 20, 2021  

In today’s podcast you are going to meet one of my good old friends, Connie Koo. As a former member of a mega church that went through a public scandal, we reflect on her faith journey throughout her experience and how it affected her current relationship with the church.

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