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November 16, 2022  

What do you feel when you think about aging? Resistance? Anxiety? Hopelessness? Disorientation?

Most people associate negative emotions with the aging of our bodies. Granted, aging has its difficulties, but a look at what the Scripture says about old age is in fact comforting. God’s word is good news also for the aging, encouraging us to fix our eyes on a God who always cares for us (Isaiah 46:4), and filling us with hope for the bright future Christ has for us.

Take a listen to today’s podcast where I answer this question:
Dear Lina, I’m struggling with the aging process both physically and emotionally. What are some Biblical ways to handle aging in a godly manner?

November 9, 2022  

Caring for elderly parents can be a challenging season in emotional, practical, and financial ways, and there is no ‘one size fits all’ guide to teach us how to balance this act.

Does the Bible speak to this situation? What is the right way to handle the aging of one’s parents? What if we didn’t have good relationship with our parents? Are we doing enough? What about my own life goals and responsibilities?

These are just a few of the questions I’ll address in today’s podcast. I believe this is a topic that we need to pay more attention to because we know how deeply God cares for those who cannot care for themselves. Take a listen!

November 2, 2022  

Many people believe that the way to a more confident, free, whole, and happy life is to love ourselves. In fact, some Christians think Jesus said you must love yourself before you can love others (Matthew 22:39). 

Is self-love a biblical concept and if so, how do I do it?

In today’s podcast I invite you on a journey of defining this ambiguous concept and exploring what the Bible has to say about it. Let us prayerfully discern if self love is the message of the culture or of Jesus.

October 26, 2022  

Have you ever been asked that question? Have you ever asked that question yourself?

Many Christians believe that Jesus died and rose again for our salvation but have no personal experience of the love of God. Perhaps our own shortcomings, insecurities, struggles with identity, and false measures we use to determine our value make us question how God could love someone like us.

In today’s podcast I invite you to discover some of the wrong assumptions about God’s love and how to undoubtedly know how valuable and loved you are by your Creator.

October 19, 2022  

It can be difficult to “evangelize” those who are closest to us, especially when we’ve repeatedly shared the gospel with them, and it can be too easy to believe that our loved ones will never change. 
But today I’m here to remind you to not lose heart, and to not give in to the lie that your spouse, child, neighbor, or friend will never come to know Jesus. Keep walking a walk that reflects your Savior, keep patiently speaking as you have opportunity, keep praying for God to move on their hearts, and keep loving them with the love of Jesus. 
In his podcast, listen to three practical ways you can influence your unsaved loved ones to Jesus!

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