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January 27, 2021  

I can’t wait for you to hear this conversation with Rosaria Butterfield! We’ll talk about what it means to practice intentional hospitality, how the church can remain strong in a changing culture, the challenges of the Covid era, how to engage the LGBTQ+ community with boldness and love, and much more.

January 20, 2021  

In this podcast, Sam Allberry will help us think more biblically, more carefully, and more pastorally on the topic of same-sex attraction.

I believe this episode will encourage anyone who struggles with same-sex attraction and help everyone to better understand and support Christians who experience same-sex attraction.

November 25, 2020  

With all the challenges we’ve faced this year, we might find it difficult to be grateful this time of the year. A look at Scriptures, however, will show us that we can see and trust God’s goodness even in the darkest of times. Today I want to encourage you with a message on the story of Stephen from Acts 6-7 that I titled “Unshaken when it feels like I have little to be thankful for.”

September 9, 2020  

Dear Lina: I’m having a really hard time adjusting to the changes happening in our culture. I feel like I don’t fit in and that no matter what I say someone is angry at me. I’m more and more concerned about cancel culture and how it might affect me and my beliefs as a conservative Christian. What should I do?

September 9, 2020  

In The Hope Podcast, Lina Abujamra answers your questions about life and culture and everything in between. If you’re a Christian looking for hope in a post Christian world, you’ll find it here. Email your questions to and SUBSCRIBE to the podcast!

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