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June 19, 2019  

In today’s World Refugee Day edition of the Hope Podcast you will hear Dr. Gary Chapman, author of The Five Love Languages, interviewing Lina Abujamra about her work with refugees in Lebanon. You’ll learn about how it all started, how it expanded, how God is at work in refugees’ lives, how the refugee crisis looks like now, why it matters to do something about their plight, and much more.

June 12, 2019  

Everyone who is married wants to have a vibrant, joyful marriage, but often couples do not know how to get there. Today, Dorothy Greco – author of Making Marriage Beautiful (David C Cook, 2017) and the forthcoming Marriage in the Middle (IVP, 2020), will give some wise and practical advice on how to get and sustain a healthy marriage. She’ll have plenty of nuggets for singles too, so listen in everyone!

June 5, 2019  

You can’t miss today’s Hope Podcast with my friend Annika Greco – a millennial missionary to Lebanon and contributor to Relevant Magazine. You’ll hear us talk about: millennials and the church, social justice, missions, what does it mean to be blessed, how to trust God with your future, singleness, priorities in life, and so much more.

May 29, 2019  

Today’s Hope Podcast is for those of you who just graduated from college and for anyone who finds himself in a time of transition. My guest Chris Lash is the Dean of Chapel at Judson University and is passionate about seeing his students flourish after college. This conversation will give them wise practical advice on how to navigate this season of transition and how to handle uncertainty.

May 22, 2019  

I’m so excited for you to meet today’s Podcast guest, Dr. Gregory H. Bledsoe. Together we're going to talk about the state of the health in our country, and touch on topics such as: the legalization of marijuana; what’s getting the American population into trouble health-wise; mental health issues; tips to improve our health; how do we sow hope in your communities, and more. You don’t wanna miss!

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