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July 15, 2020  

I’m launching a new podcast series that I’ve called Uncomfortable Conversations About Racism In The Church. If there’s ever been a time for the church to lean in and learn from our black brothers and sisters, it’s now. I believe this conversations will help us learn how to be a tool in God’s redeeming work in doing justice and racial reconciliation here on earth. My guest today: Kathryn Freeman 

July 8, 2020  

We’re coming to the end of the leadership edition of The Hope Podcast! As the grand finale of this leadership series I wanted you to listen to a sermon I gave not long ago to women leaders based on Elijah's story from 1 Kings 19. I believe this episode will be both instructive and convicting.

July 1, 2020  

Don’t you wish you had a roadmap for what you should know and what you need to become a great leader? As I’m considering my leadership journey, there are three things I want to share with you in the hope that they will help you become all that God intends for you to be.

June 24, 2020  

More often than we’d like to, we will be faced with closed doors in life and leadership.But closed doors do not mean that it’s the end of the road for you. They do not mean that God has stopped caring for you. Quite the opposite. Closed doors often have to do with God’s timing in your life, his work in you, and his purposes for you.

June 17, 2020  

Leadership is lonely. It might not look like it from the outside because a leader is often surrounded by others, but every leader knows that in order to lead, well, you typically lead from the front – alone. In today’s podcast we’ll discuss three principles that will help us navigate loneliness successfully.

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